What I’ve Learned: The Setting for my New Book

Recently, I reached a 30-year milestone in my career – a rich career which has allowed me to observe and help leaders as they grow. Throughout my professional life, I’ve been writing about the observations that have inspired me the most. These observations relate to the common challenges that leaders face, the ways they lead, and the changes that have brought about a need for a brand new way of developing.

Now, with 30 years of experience, observations, and reflections to share, I’ve released my first book – Mind Growingwhich I sincerely hope will help aspiring leaders to develop their careers into the exciting professions that they really are.

Leadership Development

As a consultant, coach, and trainer, I have so often witnessed the influence that effective and true leadership can have.

  1. First, it makes a huge impact on the personal happiness of people.
  2. Second – and based on this happiness – true, effective leadership has a very real impact on business results.

It may sound straightforward, but I’ve found myself struggling time and again with overwhelming compassion for those I work with. The fact of it is – what may once have worked, no longer does. As increasingly more short-term criteria for success are being forced into modern leaders, it becomes harder and harder to practice true leadership. And this short-term thinking is one triggering factor of leadership behavior which is anything but conducive to a happy, healthy, living, and breathing organization.

To put it simply, even leaders with the best of intentions often find it a struggle to create trust, drive passion, and motivate their co-workers.

Without a new approach to leadership development, we end up with micro-management, unengaged teams, and a grave lack of psychological safety within our companies.

New Challenges, New Leadership Styles

Playing the role of an assessor, a coach, and so forth gives you a unique external perspective on the stories that unravel within organizations. You’re able to look at the situations from the outside, how mindsets impact actions, and how behaviors then trigger responses in others. Over time – and even though every organization is distinct – you begin to notice patterns, cycles, and traps that are difficult to spot for those involved.

And, with the right approach, you can see how our gigantic human potential can be realized when an awareness of this is achieved.

Mind Growing is a name I have given to both this awareness and the change in leadership styles that it can bring about. The new challenges that leaders face are often inherited, but Mind Growing is my way of giving some structure to the process of taking responsibility.

Responsibility for shaping a different future.

It looks at the vicious cycles – or monkey traps – that can be borne out of conventional mindsets, negative interaction patterns, and a lack of trust. Then, it suggests a way forward as I see it, through consciousness, authenticity, clear directions, and a structured playing field. Because with the right approach, I am staunchly convinced that leaders are fully capable of creating healthy cultures full of passion, engagement, and loyalty.

What’s Next?

My earnest desire is to share my personal reflections on leadership development with you – both leaders and co-workers alike. I want to open up about where I feel our current “old school” leadership is coming from and how we can get “there” – to more effective, authentic leadership by pulling three main strings, which I call the New Leadership ABC:

  • Ambition;
  • Boundaries; and
  • Coaching.

Please feel free to subscribe to this blog, in which I will explain a little more about my thoughts over the coming weeks. On my Instagram – Mind Growing Leadership ABC – I also provide free, daily inspirations for leaders who want to develop themselves.

And of course, please feel free to contact me directly at marc[at]compassiontolead.net and share your thoughts.